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CIO Direct is a highly scalable web application for order management, warehouse management and customer service.

  • Fully web based system
  • Fast and affordable set-up
  • Unlimited client accounts
  • Easy integration with shopping carts
  • Multiple warehouses and barcode scanning
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E-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce merchants need a solution which can scale along with the success of their commerce site. From shipping the current day's orders to full inventory and warehouse management, CIO Direct can provide an enterprise solution for your company and can handle outsourcing of fulfillment operations worldwide.

Fully web based infrastructure

Adding inventory, warehouse management and outsourced fulfillment can be daunting tasks. CIO Direct's web based set up combined with the pre-integration of shopping carts, payment providers and fulfillment centers make the process quick and affordable.

Fast and affordable set-up

Migrating away from order management software is a daunting task. It requires attention to detail and can allow you to streamline your order management procedures. CIO Direct is versatile and can be integrated with existing software modules painlessly. Adding users, products and continuity offers as well as mapping your warehouse can be managed by CIO. We can get you up and running quickly and efficiently.

Easy integration with shopping carts and call centers

CIO Direct is configured to seamlessly integrate with most major shopping carts, payment gateways and shipping software. The system can easily and quickly be set-up for order submission from your shopping cart and can be customized to accept whichever order format is required if you are using a customized solution. Our shopping cart integrations are powered by CartRover, an industry leader in eCommerce integrations.

Capable of handling multiple fulfillment centers and warehouses

The cloud nature of CIO Direct allows for management of different fulfillment houses and warehouses from one central system with simple order routing based on country, Zip codes and ship codes can be used to route orders to the fulfillment center closest to the consumer. CIO Direct partners make it possible to add fulfillment services across the United States and Canada without upfront cost.

Enabled for barcode scanning and tablets

Barcode scanning increases employee efficiency and eliminates customer service problems caused by packing and inventory errors. Optimized for use on tablet computers, which can be used in warehouse to increase productivity.

Seamless Customer Service integration

Unlimited user access allows you or an outsourced customer service representative to access the system and look up orders, enter new orders, generate RMAs, and check tracking.

Credit card processing

Creates more control of credit card transaction process by eliminating 3rd party software. Installment plans, soft decline processing, automatic cancellation of declined orders and collections process. Allows for more control of

Detailed reporting capabilities

Have your desired reports scheduled and ready when you need them. Reports can be accessed through the system or emailed at intervals of your choosing.